Winter Free Software activities 2016

Inspired by the writings of Anarcat, I decided to try and summarise my free software contributions during this cold Winter of 2016.

I was able to finally get time to make a major release of tasty-discover. It's a test discovery tool written in Haskell that I created for the Tasty framework. It's available on both Hackage and Stackage (nightly), so you can easily install with Cabal or Stack.

I contributed several small patches to Pytest, the Python testing tool, whose development team are always welcoming and friendly. It's always heart warming to see my name on the latest release announcement.

I was very happy to contribute a number of patches to Stack, the popular Haskell project tool. Amongst them, I was able to introduce the HLint tool which brought automated style checking for the code base and refactor a number of modules to improve compilation time.

I coached Python for Codebar in Berlin, which is a really nice organisation aiming to create welcoming spaces for anyone who wants to learn about technology. I was also able to review ongoing tutorial work and submit my own improvements.

I co-organised cooperative coding events such as the HLint hack in Berlin, the Stack Workshop in Ljubljana and the Pytest Sprint in Zagreb. These events were really great and I met a lot of very cool people. I gave a short talk at the Pytest sprint about how cool Pytest is.

I was granted commit access on haskellnews, the code base behind the useful Haskell community activity aggregator at I have since been hacking to improve things.

Finally, I was able to create my blog.

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