A New Release of Tasty-Discover

I'm happy to announce a new major release of tasty-discover. It's a Haskell library for automatically discovering and running your tests for the tasty framework.

Many dependencies have been removed, including a reliance on TemplateHaskell along with simpler documentation, bug fixes and some new configuration options.

The initial motivation to put some effort into making this release was the contribution of @minad with his pull request this January which showed a number the problems with the implementation. Following a discussion, @minad decided to create a fork, tasty-auto, to avoid introducing breaking changes and save time.

I finally made some free time this week and committed to making the new release based on those changes. After some review, suggestions and agreements on tasty-auto/#1, @minad gracefully decided to deprecate tasty-auto in favour of tasty-discover in order to consolidate our efforts into a single library.

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