The plan

This July 18th, myself and a team of ~20 people are volunteering with SkatePal and attempting to architect and build skateparks in 3 different locations in Palestine:

Zebabdeh, Nabi Saleh and Ramallah.

After the skateparks are built, we will be teaching skateboarding lessons until September the 12th.

For more information about the organisation, team members, timeline and motivation, check out the project overview

Donations welcome!

In order to make this happen, each member of the team must personally raise somewhere between 800 - 1000 euros. I created this page to allow people to make a contribution to my attempt if they felt like it. These funds do not cover price of flights, visa application or living costs, I will be footing that bill! If you feel like making a contribution (every little helps!), you can do so via Paypal. Click the button below and seriously, thank you so very much!