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Civic Hacking

I just saw this TED talk and have just sent an email to CodeForIreland to see how I can contribute! I was completely unaware that a 'Brigade' had been setup in Ireland (bad timing as well, since I have will leave on my travels to South America in early September) and I am really excited to see what information I get back on how I might be able to help.

Searching around for this term, I find there are quite a few movements happening internationally besides CodeForAmerica and it is certainly encouraging to see. Civic hacking is most definitely a force for great good. As a programmer, the idea of writing computer programs that can bring about a direct, positive impact for the people of Ireland is really appealing.

If you're also living in Ireland, drop them a line! I will post back here with any updates I get about contributing so as to help other people get involved.

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